The History of RAF 617 Squadron

Perhaps the most famous RAF squadron of them all, 617 Squadron was formed at Scampton on 23 March 1943 specifically to undertake one operation – Operation Chastise – the breaching of dams vital to the German war effort. Although 617 Squadron will forever be known as the ‘Dambusters’, it continues to play a leading role in the RAF story. In 1983, the Squadron was re-equipped with Tornado aircraft and has performed various strike and support roles, making history once again by becoming the first RAF squadron to fire the MBDA Storm Shadow cruise missile, during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

The squadron is due to continue it’s pioneering heritage by standing up in 2018 to be the first British frontline squadron with the F-35 Lightning II

The Air Cadet squadron motto at 617 (Heber) Squadron is ‘Nous Suivons Leur Exemple’ [we follow their example].

Here’s a short video to show-case the modern day role of the Royal Air Force, “Be Inspired!”: