NCO Resources

This section has some useful information for aspiring NCO’s:

JNCO – Cadet Corporal role requirements: acto_7_annex_a_-_cdt_cpl_job_discription

SNCO – Cadet Sergeant role requirements: acto_7_annex_a_-_cdt_sgt_job_discription

If you aspire to lead and develop into the role of a Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) within 617 (Heber) Squadron ATC, it would be a good idea to read through the requirements for NCO selection. This document will provide you with exactly what is expected of our young leaders and how they are selected.


Your NCO journey begins at the rank of Cadet Corporal (Cpl), this role is referred to as a Junior NCO (JNCO), in this role you would have the support of a Cadet Sergeant and typically organise and lead small teams of Cadets. From Cadet Corporal, the next level of progression is to the rank of Cadet Sergeant (Sgt). This rank is is the first in the Senior NCO (SNCO) roles. Cadet Sergeants would have the support of a Cadet Flight Sergeant and would be expected to organise and lead larger groups of Cadets. Cadet Flight Sergeants (Flt Sgt) are expected to organise and lead a flight of cadets, this can be up to half of a Squadron. Cadet Flight Sergeants have the support of a Cadet Warrant Officer (if applicable) and will be expected to plan and execute cadet training and development. Cadet Warrant Officers (CWO) are expected to organise and lead an entire Squadron of Cadets. Cadet Warrant Officer is the most senior Cadet NCO rank.